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1 Nov

Well I’ve been busy busy busy. We had a lovely if somewhat knackering week in Majorca. Holidays with Stephen are very hard work but we had some good lunches out which I always like! It is 18 months since we last went and we could really see some changes in Stephen which makes me very happy! He has really good on the journey and cope really well with all the hanging around that accompanies travelling. his high point was getting searched at the airport, he thinks he is a proper gangster now !



As you see, this year I actually managed to get some crocheting in! I am calling it my Majorca scarf, I’m not quite finished yet but it’s getting there.


I am not allowing myself to finish it until a certain aran is completed! It is a lace weight yarn which is quite fiddly to work with but very pretty and light.

I have found another hobby to add to my repertoire, 3D felting. I can not believe how simple it is but how dramatic the effect, I think I am going to become addicted again!


Graham has bought me a great selection of raw materials so who knows who or what I’ll make next, maybe a miniature version of my new BFFL Frankie!


He is a 10 month old Yorkshire terrier and comes ready trained, he is an absolute sweetheart and I can not believe how lucky I am. As mum said, he’s the first ‘normal’ dog I’ve had! let’s hope he stays that way!